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Paul Newman Star of David

Paul Newman wearing a Star of David.
Paul Newman Died at 83  September 26, 2008

Paul Newman Voted Best Actor Ever :  Paul Newman was voted the greatest film actor of all times, according to a survey of film experts.  The man with the most famous blue eyes in Hollywood topped the list based on such criteria as box-office success, Oscar nominations and acting range. Oscar-nominated for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) The Hustler (1961) Hud (1963) Cool Hand Luke (1967) Absence of Malice (1981) The Verdict (1982) Finally winning in 1986 for The Color of Money.
Paul Leonard Newman was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, 26 January 1925, the second son of Arthur and Theresa Newman. He attributed his good looks to his mixed heritage of being half Jewish (father side) and half Christian  (on his mother’s side.)  Newman was so disgusted with his debut performance in The Silver Chalice (1954) that he took out press adverts, garlanded with a funeral wreath to persuade people to avoid it. It had an adverse effect when crowds flocked to the cinema much to Newman’s dismay 

Elvis Presley Jewish Heritage
Elvis Wore Jewish Kabbala Jewelry on Stage

Liz Taylor Convert Judiasm to Marry Eddie Fisher
Liz Taylor converted to Judaism to marry her
 fourth husband, singer, Eddie Fisher

Michael Jackson wearing a Yarmulke
Michael Jackson wearing a Yarmulke
Obama wearing a Yarmulke
Obama wearing a skull cap
Leonard Nimoy Cohen Jew Mr Spock Cohen Blessing
Mr Spock as the Vulcan greeting.
The gesture was suggested by Nimoy
 who is a descendant of the Cohen tribe
David Beckham - Jewish Heritage - David Beckham wearing a yarmulke - skull cap
David Beckham at his grandfather's Joseph West's funeral,
Beckham described his Jewish grandfather his inspiration

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