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The creation of expensive bejewelled watches is a long tradition within the relatively brief history of the industry, which really only got going in the latter half of the 19th century. During World WarI wristwatches became popular with military officers and watchmakers such as Cartier & Patek Philippe began marketing limited edition, high priced timepieces expressly for the connoisseur. Gregory Pond, one of the most authoritative journalists in the watch industry, composed his rating among watch brands. He based the watch brand on the following criteria: the range of circulation, distribution, the growth potential, creativity and the effectiveness and finally the principal group of customers. Rolex appears on the first place. Then goes Cartier and Patek Philippe closes the three of leaders. It is interesting to know that for the first time in the list of the most expensive watch brands you can find not only Luxury but also the first mass fashion-brand Guess. The brand got the honorable 38th place due to the high rate of popularity and creativity potential.

Blancpain Grande Complication
Blancpain Grande Complication
Features include split-seconds chronograph, perpetual calendar, a winding mechanism which is automatic, tourbillon and moon phase with crocodile skin band.  Cost $785,000

 Girard-Perragaux  Opera One
 Girard-Perragaux  Opera One
  The band made of alligator skin and includes a minute repeater, manual winding, an impressive power reserve as well as skeleton see-through backing. The best part about these watches is that it sounds each hour with tunes. $495,000

World's Most Expensive Clock

Cambridge has created a piece of history by launching an extraordinary clock. Launched by Cambridge professor Stephen Hawking, this two million dollar wonder took 7 years to be brought to life.

 The clock is designed by John Taylor, who has already made a reputation for creating bizarre time pieces. The philosophy behind this clock, in Taylor’s word is that “once a minute is gone you can’t get it back” and this is visualized in the form of a huge grasshopper that literally eats the minutes. The clock has the grasshopper with an open mouth, that keeps opening its mouth wide and when the minute is complete, it swallows the time and gulps it down! 

 World's Most Expensive Pocket Watch - Titanic Watch

Carl Asplund watch auctioned by Henry Aldridge and Son auctioneers in Wiltshire, England and sold for between £25,000. The watch was recovered from the body of Carl Asplund who died on the Titanic and part of the Lillian Asplund compilation of Titanic associated object action.

Asplund was just 5 in April 1912, when the Titanic hit an iceberg and submerged on its maiden cruise from England to New York. Amongst the 1500 others who died included her father and three siblings.

World's Most Expensive Moon Watch
Moon Dust-DNA collection is intending to make 1969 pieces to match the year Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Jerome is expecting sales to reach $90 million because his customers include, investors, collectors, fashionistas as and fans of history and art

World's Most Expensive Diamond Watch

Timepiece that has rotated eye at Villa in Hollywood is the one flaunted by Lindsey Lohan. Her new Haimov is not exclusive to her as the long queue was followed by celebrities 50 Cent, Timbaland, and athletes like who dared to spill over $26,000

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