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FROM HYPERGLOSSIA by Stacy Szymaszek
Product Description:
Poetry. "When one enters Szymaszek's long poem HYPERGLOSSIA one enters phantasmagoria brimming
in rich showcases that are at once traceable locales and places in which the reader gets lost in a labyrinth
of her own making. Drawing from a variety of contemporary and classical formal possibilities that include HD's
feminist thawings of frozen histories, Giscombe's projective re-geography, and Joan Retallack's endless
reordering of the parts, Szymaszek yet emerges as a poet centered by the body in all manner of its decay.
Erasure, embalmment, disembowelment form the ethical field. She writes, 'I am ready to eat impossible
without a mouth'. Seeking new means of absorption, Szymaszek uncovers the edible remains of the long
gone to feed us, what remains of our living"--Rachel Levitsky.

About the author:
Stacy Szymaszek (born July 17, 1969 in Milwaukee) is a poet and the author of the books Emptied of All Ships
(Litmus Press, 2005) and Hyperglossia (Litmus Press, 2009), as well as numerous chapbooks of poetry,
including Orizaba: A Voyage with Hart Crane (Faux Press, 2008), Stacy S.: Autoportraits (OMG, 2008),
from Hyperglossia (Belladonna Books, 2005), and Mutual Aid (g o n g press, 2004). From 1999 to 2005,
she worked at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood.
Szymaszek and Drew Kunz edited the literary journal Traverse from 1999 to 2004.
In 2005 she moved to New York City where she is the current Artistic Director.
Date: 2008